We wanted to give this restaurant a very cool style where simple and heart ideas could took place. So when we were developing the graphics and Felipe (client) told us: Why not put chairs? We understood it that way, the instinct was consistent with the strategy.

The logo uses a very sensual curve font comparable to the culinary sense of the place. Cupholders and postcards have a compendium of some of the most important chairs in the history of industrial design with explanation and credits. In the restaurant card, the data forms a chair.

The wine per glass menu is designed with the colors of wines for diners to choose the wine by its color. The industrial signaling is framed as a work of art. Anyway, everything is made to exalt the artistic abilities of people.



The video Back to basics (original idea by Lip) tells us the vision of the English chef Andrew Blackbourn, desires, motives and dreams, and how these are embodied in the restaurant 80 sillas. We design the poster campaign to communicate the launch of the video in youtube

ART DIRECTION:Arutza Rico Onzaga

DESIGN:Felipe Osorio / María Silva


BRAND STRATEGY: María Fernanda Morales

CLIENT: Takami