Tire making off

AutoMundial 100 year stand

To celebrate the 100 years of AutoMundial my studio´s proposal was to do a project that involves art and technology; this project will be showed within the biggest transportation show fair in Cartagena. AutoMundial has been manufacturing tires and developing high technology for the last 100 years.




AutoMundial 100 year stand (poster wall)

The center of the stand is based on the unique design of the rubber inspired by the flowers of “The Virgen of Carmen” who is the symbol for truck drivers.  Each flower contains a letter of the word “protégeme” (protect me) which is one of the prayers that the drives pray to. The tired was thought on to be a big stamp that prints “The 100 print” With this print that measured 5 m we develop the digital archives for the posters that covered one of the walls of the presentation stand. These posters inside a nice carpet that the studio design were given as a gift to visitors.

Folder and prints for clients

Photography of the first tire stamp printed paper

The tire rubber used to find the design for the posters

Interface design for video wall

Desktop patterns for download

ART DIRECTION:Arutza Rico Onzaga / Andrés Duplat

DESIGN:Arutza Rico Onzaga

PORTAFOLIO PHOTOGRAPHY: Arutza Rico Onzaga / Andrés Duplat

PRODUCER: png-lab

CLIENT: AutoMundial