Central is all about the sea. From its menu until its communication tone. The design proposal consisted in the making of big sings (16 x 16 inc) which will be part of the interior design. We made them in brass and wood because these materials are very common in the beach. The typographic and color style was also inspired by the visuals founded in the beach.



Have you made a paper boat with your mom or dad? Well, in Central Cevichería, a brand that is based around the sea, you can do it while waiting for your food. That's what we thought when we proposed the idea of ​​having this experience of origami in the restaurant. Not only you can fill it with color (easy), but you can fold the paper and take home a little souvenir from the sea. Of course, you would need surely the help of an adult for this special work.


Who has not heard or sung a Fania song in a caribbean beach? Who has not spent a phrase or an entire song? In the study we thought the salsa songs were essential part of the style of Central and that many of the clients went out saying that the music was great. And why not make an official campaign with this?

We proposed the idea directly to the customer and he gladly accepted. By that time, the restaurant was running out of designed coasters, so we thought this piece was perfect for this proposal because it was a piece with a lot of visibility (almost all the diners order a drink), had a round shape like a disco and is also a perfect "souvenir" for people who want to keep a souvenir of their experience. We did 4 references which are in use right now and chose pieces of songs related to the topic of food and love.

Isn’t it nice to save the matchbox with which they lit your birthday candle? We think so, and also the many guests who have taken this "souvenir" home. Inspired in the graphics of Cuban tobacco boxes, this vintage graphic, evokes memories of a wonderful afternoon by the Colombian Pacific ocean.

ART DIRECTION:Arutza Rico Onzaga

BRAND STRATEGY: María Fernanda Morales

DESIGN:Felipe Osorio


ILLUSTRATION: Agélica del Valle

CLIENT: Takami