*Do you work for small projects?

Yes, I love to make design for brands or projects that are small but have the illusion to be great!


*Do you work for big brands?

Yes, I do, and if the project needs more people to produce it I have the "Dream Team" which is a group conformed by María Fernanda Morales (brand expert) Fernando Quiroga (plublicist and copy) an I. We are seniors in our field and we are ready to work for big brands.


*How long it takes to make a brand project?

This is a difficult question because it depends of the size of the project, but the average time is about 4 months.


*Can you start right now?

It depends on the projects that I am working on. Please contact me to verify if I am available at the moment due to my heavy work.




Students and designers


*Do you have internships?

Sorry, since I am working in freelance I am not able to have internships :(


*Are you hiring people?

Not at this moment, but if you feel your portfolio is awesome, please send it to me.


*I want to have your opinion about my portfolio.

*I want to discuss my career path with you.

Yes! We can have a skype or personal meeting to see your portfolio. We can discuss it and improve it!

Also, we can have a chat about your career.


Students: US$20 an hour.

Professionals: US$50 an hour.

Please book 1 week in advance.




Conferences, lectures and classes


*Do you do conferences?

Yes, I have a conference call "A bit of everything" which is perfect for the audiences that want to know about my life and the process as a graphic designer (life, talents and problems). In each conference I present the the most recent work I am doing to have a unique presentation.

Also if you want a special theme like branding, packaging, design, lettering or typography it could be done.


Recent conferences given:


-Creativa. Congreso de publicidad.

Bucaramanga. Octubre 2015

- Creatividad y Emprendimiento Behance - Social Colectivo. Bogotá, 2014

- Frequently Asked Questions.  Control G.

Bogotá 2014



*Are you giving classes / workshops to students?

Yes. Occasionally due to my work load.

Please contact me to discuss my availability.


Recent classes given:


-Branding classes. Under Escuela.

Bogotá. Feb- April 2016.