This restaurant has a wonderful wine menu: offers wines from small houses as La Loma special crops such as TH and lesser-known proposals as Waterstone

To give this very pleasant experience to their diners, the restaurant made a glass wine menu that allows to know a wide amount of tastes.

Because the important of each wine, we suggest to have one page per reference with a small text wich explains the caracteristics of it, the pine wood table that holds the paper is perfect for the rustic-chic restaurant feeling.

Horacio Barbato is a restaurant that has a rustic – chic environment so we decided to have this combination in the signals too. We worked with a strong typography combined with subtle arabesques.


For the use of the sign, we painted wood and screen printed typography, arabesques were made in vinyl plotter. Although there was this mixture of styles and techniques the resulting design is quite classic, giving the restaurant a very beautiful industrial signals that did honor to preference of the place by its tradition.

ART DIRECTION:Arutza Rico Onzaga

BRAND STRATEGY: María Fernanda Morales

DESIGN:María Silva & Arutza Rico Onzaga



ILLUSTRATION: Michael Halbert (For the logo designed by Lip)

CLIENT: Takami