I have a 5 years soon. I love letters. I love to draw. I was very inspired by the work of many designers who have personal projects and have the "one day think" so every day they make a drawing, a letter, a photo, a kid, etc. So I thought that it will be easy (everyone is making that, no?) To draw a letter every day doesn´t be a problem, I´m very good drawing, bla, bla, bla. It turns off that I made this project in just.... 1 year.  The rules of the project (because you have to make limits) were: A. I had to make the drawings in alphabetical order B. The form of the letter had to be related with the meaning or the form itself of the object  C. I had to make the drawing first on paper D. I had to make the digital drawing WITHOUT tracing from the original drawing. By the time I was finished my project 2 amazing things happened. Pastora Correa the graphic design chairwoman of the university I was graduated call me because they want to make an exposition of the most relevant graduates and I was one of them. Also Nicolas confirm me that my theme for the creative mornings speak was childhood and I will be able to show the love alphabet!  So I was very lucky, and very happy to show this project because it is a special gift to my soon and a form of gratitude to be a mother.





Árbol  / Tree

Barco / Ship

Cinta / Lace




Chocolate  / Chocolat

Durazno  / Peach

Escalera  / Stair












Flor / Flower

Gota / Drop

Hoja / Leave




Imán / Magnet

Jardín / Garden

Karate / Karate



Lengua / Tongue

Máscara / Mask

Nervio / Nerve


Ñato/ Snub nose

Ola / Wave



Palmera/ Palm

Quórum / Quorum

Rabo / Tail



Semilla/ Seed

Tinta / Ink

Uva/ Grape



Venado/ Deer

Wáter / Water

Xilema/ Xylem



Yema/ Fingertip

Zafiro / Sapphire




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