The design for this packaging project had the goal of conect Hechizoo´s main identity with its new brand extention “Miscelánea Popular” The store sells the most quality artisian products from latinamerica including the luxury textiles made at the Hechizoo workshop.


The shopping bags have a design inspired in the main brand visuals which shown the exuberance of Colombian nature with a new illustration made by the colombian artist Luz Lizarazo; this romantic design of the bags is mixed with a strong one color design used for the boxes.

The popular design of the boxes communicates the origin of the store´s name which is related to the small shops that sells a variety of products in the small towns of Colombia. The wrapping paper is elegant and minimal. The different styles of design represents the miscegenation of our culture wich is a relevant content of Hechizoo´s brand.

BRANDING STRATEGY: María Fernanda Morales



PORTAFOLIO PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrés Duplat / png-lab

CLIENT: Hechizoo