Paniqueso is a fast food brand with more than 14 sales points over Colombia. Inside the supermarket they sell 12 deferent references of packing bread.

The most important for the client was the relevance that the bread has to have in the pack. She wanted for the bread to be the protagonist. So, with this limit, we develop a simple but color full label which will be repeated in all over the references to archive a better brand presence into the crowded market.

Paniqueso packaging design takes advantage of its  230 product references that satisfy costumers cravings. Packagings have lists of the products of each section, that repeated several times creates a typographic texture. This texture that varies in composition, size and color for each piece, is the graphic element that unites and creates the identity of all the brand packagings.

ART DIRECTION:Arutza Rico Onzaga

BRAND STRATEGY: María Fernanda Morales

DESIGN:María Silva, Sandra Méndez, Felipe Osorio.

BRAND & PORTAFOLIO PHOTOGRAPHY:Lucho Mariño / Javier Ramirez La Rota

ARCHITECTURE: Oficina Informal

CLIENT: Paniqueso