This project of posters was focus on typography and illustration. To make the print, several procedures had to be done. This posters will be use for two proposes; first to decorate the main wall of the Automundial 100 year stand and the second to have a promotional piece of the brand. The design was conceive to be made by the high technology of tire production used by my client which gave me the guides to develop the shape and the spaces and the sizes of the letters, the flowers and the threads.

These were the steps to make the prints:

1. Designing of: the letters (the word protect me was chosen because it is one of the prayers to the Virgen Mary) , The flowers (This forms where inspired by the flowers border on the dress of Choachi´s Virgen Mary) The threads. (The illustrations are inspired from the 5 Automundial tire designs)

2. Making the molde on CNN (laser cut) machine.

3. Fabricating the rubber. (Melting the material into the molde, then vulcanize it and finally polishing certain details by hand)

4. Inventing a machine to produce the original print of the tire.

5. Printing the first roll paper.

6. Photographing the original print in order to produce the digital archives.

7. Designing the final archives to be printed on lithography. (Cleaning the image, adding colors and putting it within the measures of the poster)

8. Printing on lithography.


ART DIRECTION: Arutza Rico + Andrés Duplat


PRINTER: Líneas digitales

PORTAFOLIO PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrés Duplat / png-lab