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Interface design is the part of the project on how a person is going to view the information on digital platforms and the design team must think on navigation strategies. Interface design is combined with the development of the look and feel of the site.  The beauty of the products are enhance in big photographs which provides better details and gives more of a gallery environment .





The brand style is a blend between luxury and kitsch. Every detail of the brand is touched by this concept which is expressed by the palette colors (gold = luxury / pink = kitsch) the typography (minimalistic font for texts = luxury / lettering for the logo = kitsch) and even the tone of the voice (specific forms of words)  The navigation icons were design by the ITC KABEL (brand typography) structure.

BRANDING STRATEGY: María Fernanda Morales


PHOTOGRAPER: Andrés Valbuena

PORTAFOLIO PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrés Duplat / pnglab.co

CODE: pnglab.co