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Today I spent hours of my time doing this list because I needed for a possible client. So I thought that I can put it online for two reasons: A. You can consult it and avoid the research for blogs and nice awards. B. If any client ask me again that he or she need this, I just have to send a link ;) Arutza.   2018 Oficial selection Bienal de Madrid AutoMundial Mixed Media category / Madrid. 2018 ------------------------------------ Oficial selection poster exhibition Madrid Gráfica ------------------------------------ -Published on the blog The Art of Menu Cacio & Pepe menu / Usa. 2018 ------------------------------------ 2017 -WINNER! COMMUNICATION ARTS Communications Arts AutoMundial Environmental category / Usa. 2017 ------------------------------------ -WINNER! TYPE DIRECTORS CLUB TDC AutoMundial Mixed Media category / Usa. 2017 ------------------------------------ -Published on the blog For print only (FPO) Hechizoo branding / Usa. 2017 ------------------------------------ -Nominate Lápizdeacero AutoMundial Print category / Colombia. 2017 ------------------------------------ -Nominate Lápizdeacero Hechizoo Identity category / Colombia. 2017 2016 ------------------------------------ -Nominate Lápizdeacero Laprincipal branding / Colombia. 2016 ------------------------------------ -Published on the book Feed me Grazia / Uva SendPoints  / China. 2016 ------------------------------------ -Published on the blog Commarts Laprincipal branding / Usa. 2016 ------------------------------------ -Published on the blog Cosas Visuales Work review / Spain. 2016 ------------------------------------ -Published on the blog The Art of menu Laprincipal menu / Usa. 2016 ------------------------------------ -Jury Young Cannes Lions Colombia. 2016 2015 WINNER! Women to watch Advertising Age and P&M Colombia / Usa / 2015 ------------------------------------ -Published on the blog Communication arts USA. March 2015 ------------------------------------ -Published on the book Illustration@Branding Sandu Publishing/ China. 2015 ------------------------------------ -Published on the book Design for Takeaway Sandu Publishing/ China. 2015 ------------------------------------ -Published on the book Asia Pacific Design Sandu Publishing/ China. 2015 ------------------------------------ -Published on the book Nature Inspires / China. 2015 2014 EXPOSITION Abrakadabra / Celebration of the 60 year Graphic Design Faculty ------------------------------------ -WINNER! Lápiz de acero Advertising / Colombia. 2014 ------------------------------------ Nominate Lápiz de acero Identity. Colombia. 2014 ------------------------------------ -Published on the blog Communication arts USA. agosto 2014 ------------------------------------ -Published on the blog Creative Review United Kingdom / September. 2014 ------------------------------------ -Published on the blog Brand New USA. May 2014 ------------------------------------ -Published on the blog Communication arts USA. February 2014 ------------------------------------ 2013 -WINNER! Lápiz

o honor to be publised again in this blog run by underconsideration. In case you don´t know it, it is a fantastic source for investigation and inspiration. You can find the most beautiful and fun and memorable menus designed over the last years. This time I have the joy of sharing with you that Cacio & Pepe was published this week on it. The design of this restaurant was made by María Silva, Felipe Osorio and Daniel Cantor; all fantastic designers! Thank you guys for all your talent and pasion in the work you made in the studio.          

So happy to see my work in the streets of Madrid. Particularly because this square is in front of Museo Reina Sofía where El Guernica from Picasso is. So I feel this is my closest moment to this Spanish artist. The poster had the theme: city - person

Pensando en tener herramientas que ayuden a mis clientes a entender el proceso de artes finales de sus archivos, elaboré esta guía de color que explica un poco sobre las diferencias entre la impresión digital y la impresión análoga. Se las comparto y pueden usarla para sus trabajos también.